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Night Starry Sky on Your Bedroom’s Ceiling How To

It’s nice to fall asleep watching the stars glow, but most of the time you can’t do that, because you would have to sleep outdoors. However there are many ways to decorate the ceiling of your bedroom to make it look like a starry sky. The simplest way is to basically paint the ceiling in dark blue and draw the starts in it with glowing paint. You could also get some glowing stickers in shape of stars to escape the hard work. But there are some ways that can provide better results – for example a special photo-luminescent painting, that look transparent in the daylight and starts to glow as soon as you turn off the light. It’s absolutely safe and looks tremendous, you can find out more about this painting here. Another way is using the Star Ceiling Kit that is based on fiber optic and actually is a great night light at the same time. It’s great that it can be turned off, unlike the painted glowing ceiling.

I’ve got one more solution and it’s to use the projector, like many professional astrologists do. The best part is that it can be animated, but this is probably the most expensive way to “reach the stars”.

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