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9 Hours Capsule Hotel in Kyoto by Design Studio S

Capsule is a popular type of hotels in Japan and nowhere else, it’s kind of a Japanese national invention that attracts quite a lot of tourists who want to get some extraordinary experience. But still such places are mostly inhabited by businessmen, who were too late for the last train and have no other way to get back home. All of such hotels are usually located near the train stations or in the entertainment area. The idea of capsule hotels is that you rent a small 1m-1.5m-2m capsule where you can sleep or read the book. It’s perfect if you need to simply sleep over and don’t want to pay for the ordinary hotel room.

9 Hours is one of the most beautiful capsule hotel – since it’s opening in December 2009 the Design Studio S has been awarded many times for the best design for Asia. We would give them a separate Home Reviews award for the outstanding info graphics.  The interior of this building resembles the images imposed by many movies about the future. It’s extremely strict and sober, consisting only of the basic shapes and colors.

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